Tuesday, July 31, 2007

RE: 3rd Place...Chiming In

Great post. Now, let's talk philosophy. The idea behind the current system is that a yard is a yard, no matter how it's gained. Why should a QB score less points on a pass than a WR? Should an 80-yd run be worth more than an 80-yd pass? I don't really have any problem with 200+ point games and 70 point games by QBs. There's only an average of one 200 point game per week anyway.


The game needs to be about fun as much as about simulating football. The current point values for QBs might "break" the game, so adjusting them might be worthwhile. But if we're going to talk "broken", we have to talk kick returners. Do you know who the top WR in total points was last season? Maybe Marvin Harrison? Nope, he was #2 behind Wes Welker. I hate to de-emphasize the return game at a time when it's gaining more prominence in the NFL but we just can't have that kind of result. I like Welker, but last year he was a decent #3 fantasy WR, not a must-start player. Eliminating kick return points, or severely reducing them, would actually solve most of the issues you mentioned. For example:

1. Kick returners are harder to keep track of, so if you're not spending much time setting up your team you're at a disadvantage. Get rid of them and the field is more competitive.

2. Return men are the biggest reason that we have guys scoring a lot of points with scoring TDs. If you look at the point totals by position the highest scorers are generally the guys who scored TDs, with the exception of guys who returned the ball many times. Take them out of the equation and high scores track pretty close to high TDs.

I think returns fall under special teams if we go to a team defense, so we don't have to totally lose the return game.

As for your other points:

1. Ten teams would certainly make the league more competitive. Eight is the minimum for a decent league. From my experience 10 spreads the players out just enough that good drafting and waiver wire work is rewarded but it's not impossible to find guys and you're not totally screwed with the last position in the draft.

2. Fantasy football is a commitment. Not much of one, but if you're going to play you've got to be willing to spend some time. Kevin's 5 minutes a week is enough to field a decent team every week. It's not that hard to make sure you have a full team starting every week. 5-10 minutes and you're good. If you can't spend that much time on a game you're playing with your friends you shouldn't bother to sign up.

3. I really don't want to make our team more TD-focused. I played in a league that was tilted heavily towards TDs and it wasn't much fun. Like I said earlier, I think return men are the major distorting factor you're seeing in the scoring. That with reduced QB scoring would practically eliminate this problem.

4. I like IDPs (individual defensive players) because they allow the defense a little more focus. However they're a hurdle for the more casual guys and harder to draft. I think a team defense is usually just an afterthought, but if you've got 5 random IDPs, it's about the same thing. If we went to a team defense it would be a litle easier and I think it would the goal of shrinking the roster. I'm not really up for giving up any other roster spots.

So, here's the changes I'd be willing to make:

1. QBs from 10 yds per point to 20 yds per point.
2. Eliminate kick return points or take them down to something like 50 yds per point.
3. I could live with team defense/special teams.

3rd Place...Chiming In

I was going to comment to the last post, but it's easier to read when all the posts and comments are in front of you. Let me paraphrase in my best possible National Inquirer way of the REAL story of what happened and was discussed on the way home, minus all the shouting, swearing, middle-fingering, wife threats, name calling, groin kicking and bottle throwing in the van.

I forgot to mention another thought of making the league better/tougher to score points.

1. Less total roster spots to fill. As Adam already mentioned, we have 20 spots (rounds). Either we go with a smaller bench (which is what we discussed) or less total positions to fill. We didn't really go with that idea of cutting position players because if we did, we'd be cutting the defensive positions.

2. QB points. 25 yards/point was not brought up. Fritz is right, we talked about 15 or 20 yards/point. I've been in two other leagues that QB's got 1 point for every 25/yards.

3. I think it has been mentioned in the past (last year?) that if we had more competitive players for the WHOLE season (or just one freakin' week...MATT!) then we'd have a top notch league and we wouldn't have to make any statistical changes. So, adding 2 more guys for a total of 10 either makes our league more competitve or just adds 2 more competitive guys that can weed out the Boston Celtic players in our league (Aaron and Matt) that just "shut it down" once things started rolling downhill. And once those 2 competitive guys are added, it gives us a league of 10, but actually 8 solid competitive guys. Kevin admits, he "only puts in 5 minutes a week." That may be so, but at least he's competitive.

Here is the problem with the words you used Adam: "It would bring the league more in line with standard scoring." Some people don't want to be "standard." Fine. We like our creative league, I agree. The argument is "Just play the league the way the system is set up." Absolutely. I'm not saying our league needs to be touchdown dominating like some other leagues. But in ours, there's really no point to go after ANY player who scores lots of TD's. My argument is, the last time I checked, football was about scoring TD's. The enemy to that argument is "Who cares? Our league is about picking guys that will get you the most points, whatever it takes." In our league, a guy who scores TD's doesn't mean jack squat. Since that is the case and I don't think anyone can argue with me on that point, then we have in our league, because of our system, a surplus of players for any position that can give you a ton of points each week...which is why we score +200 points...and still lose. But, again, if we have 10 teams to dispurse the players, point totals would drop because each team would have less guys to score astronomical points...for basically doing everything but scoring touchdowns. Because at that point, they aren't really running backs or wide receivers. They are guys that only touch the ball 5 times and get you 15 points...without a TD.

By the way, the leading scorer every week in 2005 and 2006 in our league was a QB.

I was just looking at previous posts on the Monkie blog about our suggestions to the league in years past. I went all the way back to February 2005 and couldn't find anything. I could have swore we talked last year (on the blog) about possible changes.

Monday, July 30, 2007


Quoting Ump:

Speaking of kick returners...we had a big (heated) discussion on stats, positions stats, team defense, individual defense, stat/point tweaking, etc. on our way home as soon as we left you in the dust.

Here is what the concensous was to make our league better:

1. 10 teams in the league. We have Rick Parrott, so someone needs to contact him. We need one more person.

2. Less points for QB's. 25yds/point.

3. 15yds/point for kick returns.


Basically we were saying we need to deflate some of the point totals. But I think we are all satisfied (not necessarily happy) with keeping individual defensive players. Some would like a team defense.

I think it will be more difficult doing the draft party/live draft when it comes to individual defensive players. It's easier when a computer is in front of you.

I'm not against simplifying the league to make it easier to draft and I'm open to changing points for stats. The current draft goes 20 rounds; cutting 5 roster spots would speed it up significantly. I like having the extra emphasis on defense with IDPs, but they may be more trouble than they are worth. And after 3 years of study I think that kick returners are probably distorting our league a bit much. I'm a holdout on the QB points, but I guess I can let go of that if everyone else wants it to change. It would bring the league more in line with standard scoring.

We've had 8 teams the past couple of years, I'd be glad to get it to 10. I'd say we have 7 solids. Kid Loe has played for quite a while, so he's likely number 8. If Rick is in we get to 9. Bader and brother-in-law Joe have invites, if either joined that would push us to 10.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Draft Night in CC

As I mentioned during the baseball trip, I tentatively will be home Sept. 1-9 (pending approval from my new boss). It was noted that our fantasy football draft would occur that same week. So, do we want to have a draft party? This might be difficult for Kid Loe, but I think it would work for the rest of the league. The tentative date would be Sept. 2nd. Let me know if this sounds feasible. A couple of questions:

-Is there a big-screen TV that could be hooked up to a computer available? If so, we could use either a draft program or a spreadsheet to keep track of the draft. A projector would also work great if we had access to one. Alternatively, we could buy a draft board or just get a really big sheet of paper and some markers.


-Just how much food would we need?

-Do we need to simplify the teams, i.e. get rid of individual defensive players, to make this work?


Since everyone was asking questions about my GPS during the trip I thought I'd dig p some data. It's a Mio DigiWalker™ C310x. You can find it for sale at Amazon, as well as other places.

Chem 6A

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Great Quote

An awesome quote I ran across today from George Carlin:

The very existence of flamethrowers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, "You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I'm just not close enough to get the job done."

From The Quotations Page.

40 Days...

...and counting until the 2007 Cass City Monkie Fantasy Football Draft. If you're not already signed up, and only two of you are, why not? All the info is right here. Seriously, you don't have to wait for Calvin Johnson to sign before you join the league, and I'm sure you'll be able to draft someone to replace Curtis Martin. Go now.

Where have I been

So Mike Piazza plays for the A's now? Who knew?

UPDATE: I have to admit, I only learned that because of this story yesterday about Piazza getting hit in the head in the on deck circle by a thrown water bottle from a fan.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Mattingly, I told you to shave those sideburns."

With "The Simpsons" coming to theaters this weekend ESPN's Page 2 has a great article by Jim Caple about baseball-themed episodes of the long-running show. That only leaves one thing to say: "Do you want to know the terrifying truth, or do you want to see me sock a few dingers?"

"Dingers! Dingers!"

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Plans

After talking with Kevin last night (as he was looking at Map Quest) we've come up with this agenda:

Friday: Leave Cass City by 3:30pm to meet at Kevin's by 4:30pm with rental van. Realistically speaking, leave Bay City by 5:00 pm. Drive to Moline (7 hours?) and spend night...12:00am

Saturday: Drive to Des Moines (2 hours?) and pick up Adam. Adam leaves truck at some hotel. Continue driving the rest of the way to Kansas City (3 hours?) to the game. After game, drive back to Des Moines (3 hours?) and get Adam's truck and spend night at hotel...12:00am

Sunday: We all go our separate ways.

We could drive to Des Moines Friday night, but that could put us there after 1 or 2am. I'd say leave the option open for either Moline or Des Moines. The farther we can make it, the better. If we are making good time on the roads and we think we can get to Des Moines at a decent hour, let's shoot for it. If not, we better settle with Moline rather than take our chances with a corn field. If we drive down the wrong row in the corn field called Iowa, we'll miss Des Moines.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Trip "Plans"

After talking with Matt about the plans for the trip, here are some thoughts we had:

Friday: Leave Cass City sometime after 3pm (give or take 15 minutes). Drive x # of hours until we pick up Adam...somewhere. Then continue driving until we are within 5 hours or so of Kansas City. Find hotel and sleep.

Saturday: Get up and drive the remaining 5 hours or so and go to game at 6:05 CT. After game, drive at least 2 hours and find a hotel. Sleep.

Sunday: Continue driving and go home.

Using Mapquest, it looked like Moline would be a decent area to pull off Friday night for a hotel. Adam, what do you think? Do you know any good areas? Would Moline work? Des Moines also looked possible.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Backup

Who has the most to gain from Michael Vick's legal troubles? Well, that would be the backup QB, Joey Harrington. Perhaps you've heard of him. Last season Harrington had to carry the weight of the Dolphins when they found Daunte Culpepper was not sufficiently rehabbed to be a starting QB. Now he may be called upon to save the Falcon's season if Vick misses significant time. If so, can he deliver?

"Which one?"

Bill Simmons has a great article up at ESPN's Page 2 about the NBA referee scandal.


Iowa smells like a pig.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Some ideas:

* Holding their breaths until we retreat from Iraq.

* Drinking the problem away (Kennedy's idea).

* Light a cross on the White House lawn (Byrd's idea).

(more at IMAO.us)

Mass Effect Trailer

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fell In Love With the Game

College Fantasy?

I'm assuming we still don't have much interest in playing college fantasy football, right? You need 8 people to have a league, so without that much interest it's pointless.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Samson: The Action Figure

Wal-mart is going to test market a line of Bible-themed action figures. I figured the current and soon-to-be parents might find this interesting. I hope the Samson figure comes with Philistine-slaying action and a donkey's jawbone accessory. That would be sweet.


Ladies and Gentleman, it is time for "15 seconds to complain" so climb on board. This has really been bothering me lately. Certain websites I log into require you to change your Password every so often. I'm cool with that actually. However, it can't resemble anything of a previous password. Then, you've got to have a combination of 17 different characters, symbols, numbers, letters, CAPS, pictures, strands of DNA, blood samples, boogers, stool samples, and an updated urine test to change your password. Oh, and then you have to remember that combination when you finally decide to log back in a week later. Cute. So I've given up because I have about 10 other Passwords and ID's I have to remember for other various accounts, etc. I've finally created an Excel spreadsheet to list all my accounts that require an ID and Password. The one that bothers me the most is my Delta College email password. Like I really care if someone takes the time to hack into my Delta email account. Oooooo. I'm scared. I was getting one email per day telling me I had to change my password by July 13 or I wouldn't be able to access the account again. Oh no.

The best way it has been put to me is this: Passwords only keep out the honest people. Anyone if they really wanted to could hack your account no matter what special password it had.

Kinda like a business having two locked front doors. Why lock them both? The first door only keeps out the honest people. If they really want to get in, they will break down both doors, so you might as well save the money it would take replacing door #2 and leave the second door unlocked.

Anyone else irrated about constantly updating passwords? Has it seemed to help or work for you any better? Do you really feel any safer?

The Trip is ON!

We are heading to KC for July 27-29. Aaron has to work on that Friday until 4:00. Rumor has it he will get off at 2:00 though. I figured we'll be leaving Cass City around 3:00 hopefully.

The game is at 6:05 pm CT on Saturday. As of right now, I don't plan on buying any tickets. I think the odds are in our favor that we can get 6 whereever we want. Plus, by just showing up at the ticket box to buy our duckets, we save at least $4/person. Ticketmaster screws you through the $3.00 "service charge" (PER TICKET), $4.25 shipping and handling, ?% sales tax, and I'm sure some other office expense.

If anyone opposes me not getting the tickets early, let me know.

Kevin is in charge of getting the rental car/van.


Monday, July 16, 2007

Force Unleashed

This looks over the top, but still cool.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Another Great Word

I heard another great word while at church today: cogitate. I'll leave you to ponder whether it is worthy of the title or not.


Andy told me Friday that he picked up this tea because of the picture on the box:

So, how's it taste? Does it need more monkey?

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Badger Update

A UK military spokesman says:

"We can categorically state that we have not released man-eating badgers into the area."

I think that's in the running for Best Quote Ever. (Hat Tip: Mark Steyn at The Corner)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Chase the Sun


The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization says they have a recording of Bigfoot's howl made somewhere in the Upper Peninsula. Does this mean Michigan will have to replace its official state animal? Personally, I think if anyone actually finds Bigfoot he'll be running across a corn field in the Thumb, like that wolverine.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Badgers? We don't need no steenking badgers!

Giant badgers are stalking the streets of Basra by night, eating people. No, seriously, that's what some of the people of Basra are saying. The rumor is also circulating that they were brought in by British forces, because obviously the badger would be the animal of choice for intimidating the populace. Apparently the director of the local veterinary hospital believes the rumors are false, but who's he to get in the way of a good badger-eats-man story? (Hat tip: Jonah Goldberg at The Corner)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Monkies 11

After watching "Ocean's 11", "...12" and now "...13", I've been reminded of a "fantasy" I've been meaning to post about. Could we, the Cass City Monkies, pull off or at least line up, our 11 "players?" By the way, #13 was better than #12...but still wayyyyyyyy too far fetched of a story line.

Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions on setting up "Monkies 11." A few thoughts. If we go with the 6 of us guys and our 5 wives, that makes 11 players. But I didn't think that was as cool as us coming up with 11 of our own fellas. But who would play the girl?

I don't have figured out who would play what character yet. For instance, I don't know who would be "Danny Ocean" or "Rusty" etc. But I thought I'd try to find our 11 first, and match characters second.

The Players:

Nathan Haag
Nathan Fritz
Adam Stoeckle
Matt Ross
Kevin Schott
Aaron Barrigar
Rusty Hudson
Andy Stoeckle
Brad Speirs
Rick Parrott
Tyler Bader?
Josh Sorenson?
Paul Langmaid?



Dan Patrick announced yesterday on his radio show that he is leaving to pursue new interests outside of ESPN. His last day on air will be August 17th. Patrick is great at what he does, but do you think he can be a real success in another field? Let's just hope he doesn't go the Keith Olbermann moonbat route.

UPDATE: Sorry, didn't mean to use lingo not everyone understands. According to Wikipedia, moonbat "is a term often used currently in U.S. politics as a political epithet referring to anyone that is liberal or on the left." Personally I associate the term with the far-left fringe: Kos kids, Moveon.org, and others from the liberal fever swamps. From what I've read, Olbermann's work for MSNBC matches up fairly well with that description.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


This car looks like the kind of thing I could really use if I was staying in Minnesota. Why drive through Chicago when you can drive across the lake? One question though: Will it come in two-tone orange and green?

Good News Everyone

According to ESPN's Ric Bucher, Chauncey Billups has agreed to a multi-year contract with the Pistons.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Thursday, July 05, 2007

KC or Chi-Town

It looks like it's down to going to Kansas City or Chicago White Sox. However, if we choose Chicago for Saturday, July 28, it appears there is only one group of 6 tickets left in section 550. The rest are sporatic. I think Chicago will be difficult to pull off.

Kansas City said they would pay us to come...if that helps the decision.

Votes for Kansas City: Fritz, Haag,...
Votes for Chicago:

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Not Automatic

Thomas Sowell at NRO on taking America for granted.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Baseball Trip

I've done some more checking on baseball games, locations and dates:

Kansas City Royals: Home = July 27-29
Chicago White Sox: Home = July 27-29

Chicago Cubs: Home = August 3-5
Toronto Blue Jays: Home = August 3-5
Detroit Tigers: Home = August 3-5
Minor League Trip: = August 3-5

My gut feeling is it will be tough to get tickets for the Cubs and Tigers. White Sox? Not sure. I know their season is going down the drinker, but people early in the season probably bought a lot of tickets expecting them to compete.

I'm available both weekends. I'm assuming if Aaron has the July 27-29 weekend available, then he's probably working the Aug. 3-5 weekend. Fritz would prefer not the Aug. 3-5 weekend, but he can make it work. Matt? Kevin...I couldn't remember the weekends he said would be bad. It seemed the weekends after Aug. 3-5 were worse for him. Adam, any new news on your relocation situation?


Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Juggernaut Index

When I read the first article posted by Andy Behrens for Yahoo Fantasy Sports I thought he was an arrogant upstart fantasy writer. He probably is, but he's endeared himself to me by explaining who the Juggernaut is that inspired his list and by writing that Jon Kitna thinks Calvin Johnson will have the same impact on the Lions "gamma rays had in Dr. Banner." Yes, two comic book references will get you into my good graces. Anyway, he has posted a list of the top offensive "juggernaut" teams this season who will help you win your fantasy league. Worth reading.

Gun Kata

I felt like watching Equilibrium today, but wasn't sure I had the time, so I checked out Youtube. Then I thought: "Why not share?" So here you are. Just a note: Yes, Christian Bale does rack those shotguns for real and a real person performs that jump off the motorcycle.

Vampire Peacocks

Vampire peacocks roam the parking lots of Staten Island Burger Kings. Or maybe this guy is just crazy. Frankly, there's nothing about this story I don't find hilarious. If you think that sounds cruel to peacocks then you haven't spent near as much time with them as I have.