Monday, October 31, 2011


MSU will be sporting special uniforms for the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic. The Spartans will be sporting home whites with a gray camouflage pattern. The uniforms also feature an American flag and will say USA on the back rather than the player names. Unfortunately the much-hated (by me at least) bronze numeral border is also featured. North Carolina will also wear a camouflage uniform which you can see here. The game will be played 11/11/11 on board the U.S.S. Carl Vinson in San Diego.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

What You Want


Now that I've cooled off a bit:

-I'm a big Kirk Cousins fan, but he does seem to have the emotional fragility of a 15-year-old girl. He just can't shake a bad play.

-However, his WRs weren't doing him any favors. It takes a real team effort to look that bad.

-That includes the coaches. I don't recall that last time I watched a game and thought the coaches were just plain stupid. Nebraska played defense with seven men in the box most of the game, daring the Spartans to run the ball. MSU claims to be a running team (Pound Green Pound), but instead they throw into double coverage all day long. This is the only game all year where they haven't stuck with the running game to a ridiculous extent. Why change when your opponent is giving you your bread and butter? It's shockingly idiotic. Chris Spielman and Urban Meyer seemed absolutely confused by this during the broadcast and I'm right there with them. Bad, awful, very, very not good coaching.

-I saw some fans on Facebook were suggesting getting rid of Dantonio. This is stupid, almost as stupid as today's coaching, but they've had enough bad losses on the road that it's definitely a trend. This really needs to be figured out.

-Penalties were back today (zero last week), and plenty of those lead to Nebraska first downs. The team has shown they can play flawless football, the coaches need to make sure they do.

-I hate the Huskers.

-If I ever meet one of these commentators in person I will punch them in the face, because I'm absolutely sick of them calling the MSU football team the "Sparties." Sparty is the mascot, the team is the Spartans. Get it right. It's disrespectful to say otherwise.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Quote of the Day

That said, I can't imagine a stretch more difficult than the one Michigan State is enduring, having beaten five straight opponents that used to horribly torment it — Central Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan, Personal Fouls, Wisconsin.

-Bob Wojnowski, "Aw, shucks: Spartans' next test is the Cornhuskers," Detroit News

Sunday, October 23, 2011


You know something went down big if I'm burning on MSU at 12:30am as a UM fan.

I didn't see the game via my antenna, but I wanted to see what highlights they would show on the local TV sports news, assuming it was heading to overtime according to the ESPN/ABC ticker during the Stanford/Washington game. Then, since I am rarely awake at 11:30, I decided to keep it on channel 25 for the start of "SNL" and when they came back from the commercial break, instead of "one last look at our seven day forecast" they broke the news MSU won on a Hail Mary. Of course, no highlight, so I had to wait until midnight after the ABC game of the week and see it on channel 12.

So what's going on? I guess I'm not shocked. At all. MSU is good. A lot of people knew this game was coming soon and were dreading it. Wisconsin this, Wisconsin that. Yeah, I get it, they are ranked in the Top 10. But they get smoked every year by the SEC. DEFENSE WINS! All week long on The Huge Show, callers and anyone else talking about the MSU/Wisconsin game were not only expecting a loss, they were just hoping to keep it within 3 touchdowns. I don't get it. Great defense, combined with two very good running backs, a senior QB who is supposed to have a great year, a home game under the lights at 8pm which means the fans have extra time to get "lubed up" creates an easy atmosphere for a win. Even my cousin who is an MSU diehard couldn't even enjoy last Saturday's UM win because he knew Wisconsin was coming to town. I don't get it. Oh, they crushed Nebraska. Big deal. Even Stack already had Wisconsin's name etched on the Big Ten championship trophy.

I would have to think this game may be better than last year's Notre Dame finish. I realize both games took a "Hail Mary," but tonights was literally a Hail Mary to win. I would have liked to seen the game on TV because while the outcome was delayed to review the play, the crowd had to have been getting the information via text or voice from friends watching the game at home on TV telling them it's a TOUCHDOWN before the referees made the offical announcement. So the crowd had to have been rocking about 10 seconds before the guy in the white hat turned his mic back on.

I also think the UM/MSU rivalry is revved back up. It's definately a big game for both schools, but I think bigger for MSU. UM never wants to lose to MSU, but always expects to win. UM fan always expects to win (except the last 4 years) but I don't think MSU fan always expects to win. It's like the 8th grade team v the 7th grade team. The 8th grade team never wants to lose to the 7th grade team, but it's not the game they care the MOST about. The game may get close some years, but the 8th grade always wins. They are more concerned about beating another schools 8th grade team. But, the 7th grade team puts everything they've got into beating the 8th grade team. So if the 7th grade team wins, it makes their season. That is how I look at UM/MSU football. But that has changed. UM Fan is tired of losing to MSU and it matters more now. I don't think the UM/MSU game is what the UM/ND or UM/OSU game is. To UM Fan, if ND or OSU lose on a Saturday, it's a good weekend. We want to beat ND and OSU 50-0 and ND/OSU lose every game. If MSU loses, it's not the same feeling. It's okay if MSU goes long as the one loss was against UM. You always want to be the best college football team in the state, but as a UM fan, I hate losing to ND or OSU more. But I think that is changing for all UM Fan Nation. UM is going to start caring a lot more and putting the game in a new perspective. That doesn't mean MSU needs to get nervous, it just means UM's attitude has been adjusted.

Stack, what, no tickets for the game tonight?

Saturday, October 22, 2011


You know, it's funny that Desmond Howard says he's "embarrassed" for Michigan State and William Gholston after Gholston's play last week because I feel embarrassed for the University of Michigan and ESPN every time I see Desmond Howard on College GameDay attempting to be an analyst.


The win against Wisconsin might not be the most exciting MSU game ever, but it's darn close. I didn't even expect them to be in the game, so I'm thrilled to see them win, even if it took the most exciting play you'll see all year. The best (or worst) part? There's a really good chance these teams will meet in the first Big Ten Championship Game.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Grey

Gholston suspended... the Big Ten for one game. My only problem with this is that Dantonio had not done it already. I'm not too concerned about the impact on the game against Wisconsin because, honestly, the Spartans are going to be beat up no matter what.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Shootin' From the Hip

Where do we start? I can't hold it in any longer. What a crappy weekend of sports.

Thoughts on the Tigers:

Let's be honest, they overachieved. If you were told August 1st they would be two games from the World Series, you'd love it. They never should have beat the Yankees in game 5. The frustrating part is the Tigers could have swept the Rangers if they just had timely hitting...and walked Cruz once or twice...or threw every ball at his earhole. How do you not drill that guy in the ribs by game 3? When they meet up in 2012, someone better have the stones to put one right between his numbers.

Detroit was plagued by timely hits the entire series. Texas's game plan was obvious: be ahead after the 5th inning, throw four different (unhittable) closers in each of the remaining innings. Ball game. Detroit has the starting pitching to win, but Austin Jackson looked like a Little Leaguer in the box. Avila needed rest. Lots of guys were banged up. Verlander never got his two full games...or a good strike zone. That zone in game 1 of the Texas series was terrible.

I am disappointed because for the month of October I got to enjoy Tigers baseball via the antenna. Actually, I watched two full post-season games with Fox muted and listening to 97.1 The Ticket play-by-play. It took some getting used to, TBS had about a 2 second delay and FOX had about a 9 second delay. When Fister pitched, I thought for sure I'd hear two pitches before I saw one on TV. The Tigers also played better when I did it that way, so I couldn't break the ritual in the middle of the series. In fact, pretty much any time I listened on the radio (car, kitchen, basement, etc.) the Tigers found instant success. (Remember when Detroit was down 3-0 in game 1 of the Texas game before the rain delay? That was all me. I got home just in time to see Avila bat after the second rain delay with bases loaded to hit a dribbler to second. Remember when Detoit played the day game (game 4) of the Texas series and they jumped out to an early lead? All me again.)

I don't know how much of the WS I'll watch with Texas in it. I'm bitter now. Texas was better, but Detroit had their chances.

Thoughts on the Lions:

I was at the game. My first Lions game at Ford Field. I think my current Lion record is 1-3 (with two losses coming from the 49ers...Alex Smith wasn't exactly Steve Young.) In the words of Big Daddy, I must be bad luck. I broke the Lion streak and I was at game 4 of the Yankee series that was 1-10.

The Lions got exposed. Blitz all day and stop Johnson. That was the quietest 7 catch - 117 yard day I've heard of. He was not utilized at all. The running game? Yikes. I will admit I was very impressed by the noise of the crowd at the game. We were sitting in the endzone in the upper level and it was very loud. It was also the looooooonnnnnnngest game ever. Didn't get done until after 4:45. We got up from our seats before they snapped the ball on the last play, so we missed all the Jim v Jim commotion after the game. In my opinion, Harbaugh didn't do anything Schwartz hasn't done all season after a win. Schwartz was just being a poor sport. He's just as emotional in other games (check out his trash talking in the 3rd quarter with Dez Bryant of the Cowboy game on the catch that was challenged and found to be out of bounds. Schwartz dropped a nice "INCOMPLETE MR. FALCON" lip-bomb on national TV...more on "Mr. Falcon" later.)

Very disappointed on the Lions last two positions. They had three timeouts and 1:51 remaining to just get to the 35 yd line to tie the game. Then at the end they couldn't do jack squat. No targets to Johnson at all. Just throw him the bleep ball!

The "other" game:

I've never watched a Michigan game where they played Wayne State, Oregon, and Baylor all in the same day. Anyway, moving on. You know how they say you can throw out the records and rankings for these rival games? No doubt. Michigan should never have been ranked #10 and MSU was better than the #19. But, that isn't UM's fault where they are ranked. MSU was by far the better team on Saturday...and the last 4 years for that matter. So, no congrats for doing what EVERYONE expected and that was beating Michigan for the fourth straight time. The better team won. Plain and simple.

I was very disappointed in the use of Denard and the lack of adjustments. MSU man-handled the O-line all day, yet nothing changed, just more yards lost on sacks. Why did they go away from their only game plan...keep the ball in Robinson's hands and let him get free. The worst part is they never figured it out, yet with 9 minutes to go in the game, THEY WERE STILL IN THE GAME! His running has to set up the pass. Granted, UM had numerous scoring chances with great field position all day. The whole Gardner thing didn't work and I'm not sure what they are thinking there. He looked sloooooooooooow.

MSU is a very good team, maybe Top 10 good. UM is still a much improved team, maybe Top 15 at best. If that game is at UM, I'm still not convinced UM wins. MSU has the better team and they did what was expected...beat a weaker opponent.

Yes there was lots of unsportsman-like stuff that went on, mostly by MSU. I just wonder why Gholston wasn't ejected. They clearly saw him punch the UM player or else a flag wouldn't have been thrown. Gholston was very dirty and a dink. He should definately be suspended. Even the D-Coordinator was quoted in the Free Press that he wanted them to play "60 minutes of unnessasary roughness." Side note: Gholston is a beast at D-end for MSU.

What was worse?:

I'm still debating what was the worst loss of the weekend. I think the Tiger season ending was the worst. The Lions are still in good position and the UM loss was expected. It was just frustrating the offensive scheme was so bad.

REACT TO ME!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I saw a smart car this morning, a "pure coupe" I think, that had a flame paint job. Do you think the owner was being ironic?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thoughts on the Game

-MSU played undisciplined, sloppy football. They committed way too many personal fouls and inexcusable (dirty) ones at that. That's not Michigan State football and Dantonio needs to straighten these guys out, Worthy and Gholston in particular. I'm sure he will.

-That doesn't mean I'm not really enjoying the win though.

-Has there ever been a game between #11 and #23 where #23 was favored by three points? I know the polls have certain unwritten rules, but that just doesn't seem right.

-I thought Michigan keeping secret the fact that they were going to wear throwback uniforms came across as kind of petty. I don't mind the idea at all and was expecting it, but why not announce it? It's not like it gave them an edge.

-The Nike Pro Combat uniforms looked pretty cool in action, they just didn't look like MSU. I was impressed by how the bronze came out even though I hate that it was used.

-Those first couple snaps in alternate uniforms was awfully disorienting.

-I agree with the announcers, I don't know why Denard Robinson was taken out for so many snaps. If Gardner throws better the lack of snaps and the wind pretty much negated his edge.

-It's been a while since I've seen a game where wind had such an obvious effect.

-They set the parabolic mics too close to the Michigan band.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Baseball Trip of All Time!!!

If the stars line up and the Tigers make it past Texas to get to the world series, I am proposing a baseball trip like old times. I believe I have reserved 6 world series tickets for Game 4 or 5. Are we all in? Cost is $250 per ticket. There are 4 tickets on the wall (Rows A & B) in Right Field in section 103 and 2 tickets 9 rows (K) back of that. Stack can you make it happen? 10/23 or 10/24 would be the dates. React to me.

Sunday, October 02, 2011


It's 3:49 in the afternoon central time and Fox is showing a soccer game instead of NFL football? That's un-American.


Should the Big Ten just go ahead and award Wisconsin the championship now?


I'm watching the Bears game, hoping it can finish so Fox can show the end of the Lions game. They show up to the point where Calvin Johnson catches a TD, then go back to the studio saying they can't show the rest of the game due to NFL rules. NFL rules suck. I have to think with media being available in so many forms this is going to come back and bite them someday. I hope.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

RE: Ouch

From Stacks previous post about Jay Cutler getting a boom dropped on him all game long, MSU did quite a number on Ohio State's the 4th quarter alone. The last time I saw a college kid get hammered that quick in such a short amount of time was at a college party with alcohol involved.

I thought they'd keep the shutout. They said the last time OSU was shutout was November 22, 1993. I remember it clearly...that was my first Michigan game experience when I was a 7th grader. (Let's just say my first UM experience was a little better than my first MSU experience...a loss to CMU.) If I remember right, UM was unranked and OSU was undefeated.


Last Friday's "Huge Show" poll question was "How many games do the Lions win in a row to start the season?" Well, it's at three now.

I was thinking, there are only 3 teams in the entire NFL after only three weeks of the season that are undefeated. Jim Rome is right, the NFL is upside down right now. B-lo and The D are undefeated while Indy is 0-fer, the Eagles are in panic mode, ATL is 1-2, the Redskins nearly stayed perfect, and the Raiders are showing up.

I haven't done the Elias Sports research yet, but if after Week 1 there are 16 undefeated teams, in just two weeks, it's down to three. I'd say that has to be very low based on history. It seems like most seasons 5 teams are still undefeated after 5 weeks. And honestly, Detroit has the toughest game of the three this week to remain undefeated. I'd be shocked if there were three 4-0 teams after Sunday. One thing the Lions have going for them is a beat up, bad Cowboys team coming off short rest and they never sniffed the endzone against Sexy Rexy and the Redskins. Oh, and Suh might "end" Romo. Yes, he may actually kill him.


This has to be posted. If someone would have told me in April that Justin Verlander would be going for his 25th (and 13th? straight) win and it would home...against Baltimore...the LAST place team in the world...and home field advantage for the playoffs on the line...I would have bet $10000 on JV and the Tigers. Way to go guys. 25 wins and a LOCK to win the MVP. Now, it cost you home field advantage in the first round and possibly the MVP for JV. Yes, I realize JV gave up 5 runs in the first two innings, but still, that is unacceptable.