Saturday, September 24, 2011

Exactly two months after...

...Captain America was released, I finally saw it at...The Cass Theater. That's right. Decent movies must be at a premium these days, so ole Dick hit up CA and this weekend is having "Friends With Benefits." Nine weeks after a movie is released, do the movie studios even bother with asking for a cut of the sales? If studios get 50% for opening weekend, what is the ninth week, 5%? Good for Dick if that's the case. I hope he had a great weekend. (There was probably 15 people on the final night.)

I got very lucky however. This lets you know that I've gone back to work: I haven't been on Main Street in Cass City between Seeger and Leach (where the Theater is located) in the last two weeks. If I had, I would have seen the CA poster as the "next week coming attractions" poster. So, not only did I not see it as the upcoming movie, I didn't drive by the theater until Thursday night the last night it was showing. I just happened to glance at the sign marquee at 4:45pm giving me just a little over two hours to make plans.

Thoughts: Worth the wait, especially since I was counting down the weeks until it was to be released on DVD. I gave up hope I'd ever see it, so it was a nice surprise. With about 15 minutes left in the movie, I remembered to pay attention for the Wilhelm scream. But I missed it already. They definately worked hard to make sure we saw that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in the Stark family. They made sure to portray daddy as a "player."

Monday, September 19, 2011


While listening to Mike and Mike last Tuesday morning, they mentioned a stat from Monday's Sportscenter about quarterbacks whom have never passed for 422 yards in a game. This was in reference to rookie Cam Newton who threw for 422 in Week 1 against the Arizona Cardinals. Sportscenter apparently only chose to compare four QB's. I can't remember all of them, but three were Hall of Famers (Terry Bradshaw was one) and the other was Tom Brady. Keep in mind, this was Monday's Sportscenter. Brady went on to throw 517 yards that night on MNF.

Mike and Mike were wondering what the odds were that Brady destroys 422 yards...the very next night.

Oh, and he put up 423 in Week 2.

Maybe he's tired of all the Aaron Rogers talk?

RE: Sports Mulligans

I felt this was a great thread, but I got ZERO responses. I'll chalk it up to bad timing around the Labor Day weekend. I decided to re-post it because I'm curious to hear some comments on others' 30 years of sports memories, some live, some only in the record books.

Great discussion question on WDFN 1130 The Fan last Thursday:

If you could have one pro/college sports mulligan (from a game), what would it be? If you could make just one game disappear from your memory, what would it be?

Obviously you will name more than one.

In no particular order:

1. "The Colorado game" ("Slash" - Kordell Stewart")
2. "TIME OUT!" Oops.
3. Appalachian State (Can't wait for the 2014 rematch)
4. Isiah's pass to Larry Bird in the 1987 Eastern Conference Finals at Boston to lose the game.
5. Spartan Bob
6. UM/MSU 1990 @ Big House (The Pass Interference NOT called in the endzone on Desmond Howard)
7. 2005 NBA Finals (Rasheed Wallace not covering Robert Horry for the game winning shot)
8. Every loss to Ohio State during the Salary Cap Era
9. All of September 2009 for the Tigers
10. This is not a game, but drafting Darko.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Things that would be less painful than the afternoon Jay Cutler is having:

-Going 12 rounds with a heavyweight boxer.
-Getting hit by a heavy duty pickup.
-Logrolling down a mountain.
-Standing in the middle of a batting cage with the pitching machine on for a few hours.
-Playing rodeo clown for an evening.
-Having a piano dropped on his head.


I don't often agree with Detroit News columnist Lynn Henning, but this article about MSU's offensive line is dead-on. The O-line is outclassed by talented defensive lines. What makes it worse is that the coaches, whether the offensive coordinator or Dantonio himself, don't seem to have any idea how to adjust the game plan when they're getting beat up front. Obviously it's tough to be successful when your O-line is getting it's collective butts kicked, but there ought to be some adjustments to be made.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

AL Central Champions

Congratulations to the Tigers for clinching the AL Central by beating Oakland 3-1 last night. This is the Tigers first division title since 1987.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Μολὼν λαβέ

Well, I've taken plenty of shots at teams wearing "cutting-edge" uniforms, so I guess I need to mention that the Spartans are wearing special Nike Pro Combat uniforms in the game against Michigan. Here's a video that was released today:

Yes, Nike Pro Combat uniforms are so powerful they can turn Kirk Cousins into a black runningback. Here are some photos for those of you who dislike video:

A few thoughts:

-I do like that my school is getting the most advanced uniforms available, but I don't suspect it actually makes much, if any, difference.

-Only 8 other teams are wearing Pro Combat uniforms this year (Army, Boise State, Georgia, LSU, Navy, Ohio State, Oregon and Stanford). So I guess it's nice that Nike chose MSU to wear them.

-If this was a jersey for anyone else I'd like it quite a bit. It's definitely the best Pro Combat uniform I've seen, though Army, Navy, and LSU's uniforms are pretty decent. The colors work well together even if they do come off too Oregon-ish. You can see all the uniforms on Facebook.

-I've wrote before that I don't like the Spartans using bronze. I get that Nike is trying to provide a visual tie-in to the ancient Spartans, and while I support the idea in theory I hate the execution. MSU should be green and white with silver as an accent color. A little black for depth is okay too. But if you're using bronze you need to go all the way and replace the green with scarlet, and I definitely can't support that.

-The bronze writing on the green stripe is the Greek phrase "Molōn labe" which means "Come and take them!" in English. Or, as Nike rendered it in the press release, "Come and get them!" As Wikipedia puts it: "The phrase was reportedly the defiant response of King Leonidas I of Sparta to Xerxes I of Persia when asked to lay down their arms and surrender, at the onset of the Battle of Thermopylae." That's an excellent way to reference the ancient Spartans, I'd even support adding it to the regular uniforms.

-While they're kind of silly, I really do like the gloves. Notice the Greek pattern behind the helmet logo.

-I should note that the Spartans wore black and gold back in the '30s, so I suppose an argument could be made for using black and bronze. Not a good argument, but you could try.

-According to this article on the Spartan Athletic site, the uniforms came about because William Gholston asked Mark Dantonio if MSU would be able to get Pro Combat uniforms. Dantonio asked Phil Knight and these are the result. The players are apparently very excited about them and, at last check, 56% of the respondents to a State News poll like them. Presumably that poll is largely made up of students. I'm still skeptical about this kind of thing helping recruiting, but I guess I can see why the athletic department would think it worth a shot.

-I expect there's going to be a ton of related merchandise available for sale before the game, though there's none available yet.

-Overall: I don't really like them, but I don't hate them either, so given some of the awful uniforms Nike has put out I guess that's a win.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Maryland has decided to challenge Oregon for the title of worst uniforms:

According to this article there are 32 different potential uniform combinations, so maybe one of them might not make your eyes bleed.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Draft Day

It would be great if someone else would host the draft party so please step up. I'll offer my place as a default but I would be happy to defer. If it holds, 6:30pm Sunday night. Bring a snack and your stupid pills.