Friday, July 24, 2015


Feelings on the Tigers potentially trading David Price? Personally, I think that if they get rid of their ace, even if it's understandable, it will lead to the Tigers being mediocre for an extended period of time.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Thoughts on Ant-Man

A few thoughts after seeing Ant-Man last night:

-I liked it. It's a little weird but I think that's good given the concept. The most obvious comparison would be Guardians of the Galaxy because of the comedy, weirdness, and a wise-cracking leading man but they are quite different movies. This is a superhero action comedy heist movie with a side of father-daughter drama.

-The shrinking and miniature effects work well so this doesn't end up looking like the actor is on a set with bunch of ridiculous oversized props like Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. If you don't have problems accepting the idea of a shrinking hero it looks pretty cool.

-If ants freak you out don't watch this movie. I thought they might downplay that part of the character but they definitely did not. You might even develop an emotional attachment to one.

 -I thought all the actors did a good job. I don't think Rudd will see his profile raised quite as much as Chris Pratt did but I think he was well-cast and played the character perfectly. Michael Douglas was good in the mentor role. Evangeline Lilly is more than a token love interest (though obviously she is ridiculously cute) and has good scenes with all of the main characters. And of course she knows martial arts, because doesn't every woman in the Marvel universe know martial arts? Corey Stoll isn't the most memorable villain, but he does get enough screen time to develop the character as more than just someone to fight in the finale.

-There is a supporting character who does somewhat steal the scenes he's in. I thought he was just short of being annoying; your opinion may differ.

-If you like connections to the other movies there are more than a few here, some being pretty important to the story. One Avenger plays a notable role.

-There are mid-credit and post credit scenes. Both are worth watching.