Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Sunday, June 05, 2016

Today's NBA

I really don't pay attention or follow the NBA. Mostly because it's boring to watch and I don't have cable. I did watch a little bit of Kobe's final game. I mean he is the GREATEST Laker ever...right behind Wilt, Kareem, Shaq, Magic, George Mikan... The short amount of time I did watch was painful. I think he started out 0-6. But then he did heat up and I went to bed at halftime wondering if he could get to 40. I told myself yes. Then I thought about 50. I said no way. I wake up to 60!!! You don't retire dropping 60 in your last game. That would be the equivalent of LaDainian Tomlinson rushing for 250 yards in his last game.

Moving on. Because of the chase for history and how unbelievable Steph Curry's range is, I have followed a lot more than normal because the Warriors were incredible. A few nights ago in game 6 of the Western Conference Finals, Klay Tompson hit 11-3's in the game, a new playoff record. Do you know how many 3-pointers the Celtics-Lakers combined to make in game 7 of the 1987 Finals?

How about this? Steph Curry made 402 3-pointers...HIMSELF this season!

The 1980-1981 LA Lakers were 17-94 on 3-point attempts...as a TEAM! That's 82 games.

The 1981-1982 Champion LA Lakers were 13-94 on 3-point attempts as a TEAM.

I'd say the NBA has changed. Is it better than 5 years ago which basically consisted of dunks? Now it's 3's.

Z93 The SOFT Station

Z93 has just gotten softer the past two years. I rarely listen, but it's still in my presets just to see if there's some GnR, ACDC, etc. playing. But I've noticed it's not as much of a "Rock" station as it claims to be. Case in point, I was listening the other day and a Bon Jovi song came on. I can't really think of ANY Bon Jovi song worthy of Z93's playlist, but nonetheless, "Shot Through the Heart" apparently made the cut.

But yes, it's still just as dirty and raunchy...and lame in the mornings.