Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2012 Draft

Wherever the draft is held you're going to need some help to prepare. So here's a few links:

Yahoo! Draft Kit
ESPN Draft Kit
FoxSports Draft Guide

There's one other thing we need: a full complement of teams. So sign up already!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Car of the Day: Chevy Montana Sport

I saw quite a lot of these during my trip to Brazil. Volkswagen also makes a similar model.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Are You a Fan?

The following is a post I’ve been chewing on for awhile and finally took the time to throw it around.

Fan – noun: an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of a sport, pastime, celebrity, etc. (dictionary.reference.com)

What makes someone a “fan”? What allows someone to be a legitimate “fan” of a team, player, etc.? Is their an unwritten guideline?

Why am I a Detroit Tigers fan? Is it because I live in Michigan? Ok. But what if there were two professional baseball teams in Michigan? Is it the team I live closest? I live 100 miles from Detroit. What if I grew up in Michigan for 20 years and was a die-hard Tigers fan but then moved to New Mexico or Washington and lived there for 60 years. Does 60 years out-weigh 20 years? New Mexico doesn’t even have a MLB team. So do I get to remain a Tigers fan and/or am I allowed to pick any team I want since New Mexico doesn’t have one? Washington has a team. Do I now have to be a fan of the Mariners? Or, does the Mariner-nation have a waiting period that you have to prove yourself as a fan, not just because you now live in their state. Is their an induction ceremony for those that have been on the waiting list?

Is it because my dad is/was a fan of that team? Is it because I went to one of the games? Did I get a players autograph?

Is the team successful or a bottom dweller? Should that even matter? Is it because I like the name of the team or their colors? Is it because I graduated from that school/college? Does it qualify if my kids and/or parents attended there?

Is it because I know the NAMES of some of the players on the team? Am I a fan of a team because of certain players on a team? Take Isiah Thomas and Joe Dumars. I was and still am a huge Dumars fan. Would I have been a fan of them if they were not Piston players? What if Thomas and Dumars would have played for another team after 1990? Would I then be a fan of the team they currently played with or would I only be a fan of the specific players, Thomas and Dumars?

See, loyalty worked until about 20 years ago, so some of that previous logic would be allowable. But in the past 15 years, there has been no such thing as loyalty in any of the big sports.

So, again, what allows me to be a “TRUE” fan of the Detroit Tigers, if there even is such a thing as a “true” fan. Are there multiple kinds? A “fan” and a “true fan?”

Buffalo Wild Wings

Rumor has it, BW's is the place to have a Fantasy Football Draft.  I've heard from a few different commissioners in the past week it's the place to be.  "They hook you up."  Draft boards, etc.  Even a $10 voucher for each person.  You have a 2 hour time block as well.  That works out to about 2 minutes to make your pick...which means I'm probably out then.

Rusty is ALL IN.  "Make it happen."  I'm sure KS would certainly like the idea.  The fat guys...ERRRRRRRR...runners like to eat, so they'd probably go for it.

But if we are doing a Baseball trip, we may not get away with two guy nights out in one weekend.  Then again, girls can take the kiddo's and shop if they want.



RE: Warrior

Thanks for the recommendation.  It was even recommended by someone at church just this past Sunday.  It's the first movie I haven't feel asleep through in awhile (we typically start a movie at 11pm).  Started "Warrior" around 12am and made it all the way.  Wife liked it too.

If Nolte could keep his head on straight, he could turn in more performances like that.

Also, wish I knew more about "Moby Dick." That clearly had a parellel to the Paddy story.

Not sure if I liked this better than "Cinderella Man."  Both guys had to win to help the family survive.

On some other thoughts/spoilers from TDKR:

The chalk mark that Officer Blake was drawing in TDKR, what was it?  It is an upside-down Robin?  Was it a reference to Nightwing?  If so, and had I known that before watching the movie, I wonder if that would have changed anything for me.  Because I didn't know who Blake was going to become at the end.

Also, did Bruce Wayne and Celina Kyle kiss as their regular self and as alter-egos?  Was that to show something deeper in the relationship?

I thought the scene where Batman gets his butt kicked by Bane was interesting.  Every once in awhile the camera would show a quick shot of his henchmen standing above watching the fight.  They all had big guns...but no one was in a ready position.  There was even a look of embarrassment on their face.  Like they knew this wasn't going to end well for Batman and it was going to be hard to watch, but had to watch because no one had ever been able to take him down.  None of the henchmen looked worried that Bane might get into trouble and they better be ready to shoot.  It was like they were watching a trainwreck.  They didn't want to see it happen, but yet couldn't turn away.  You could argue they looked like they felt sorry for him.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Is everybody up for a baseball trip reunion. I'm thinking around the Labor Day time frame. Ironically the season will probably be on the line as the White Sox are in town for a weekend series. Since you are coming the farthest Stack are you in and what days are your option. They are still in town on Labor day with the Indians. Let's take out your Man Cards boys and pull this thing together. Arod just bought a Suburban so we already know who's driving. Late

Saturday, August 11, 2012


I watched Warrior last night and it was a terrific movie. I saw that it had received some pretty positive reviews so I put it in my Netflix queue, but honestly I wasn't that interested. It ended up leapfrogging some other movies because of availability but I let it sit around for a few days before I watched it. Then I was blown away. It isn't a lame MMA movie, it's a fantastic drama. It definitely invites comparisons to Rocky, but I enjoyed this much more. The plot doesn't break any new ground, but the film is so well acted and executed that you won't notice. Tom Hardy (Bane), Joel Edgerton, and Nick Nolte do an excellent job. Definitely worth checking out if you have a free evening in need of a movie.