Saturday, July 26, 2014

Upcoming Marvel

In case anyone is curious here's Marvel's current list of upcoming movies or dates that a movie will be released:

Aug. 1, 2014: Guardians of the Galaxy
May 2, 2015: Avengers: Age of Ultron
July 17, 2015: Ant-Man
May 6, 2016: Captain America 3
July 8, 2016: Untitled film
May 5, 2017: Untitled film
July 28, 2017: Guardians of the Galaxy 2
November 3, 2017: Untitled film
May 4, 2018: Untitled film
July 6, 2018: Untitled film
November 2, 2018: Untitled film
May 3, 2019: Untitled film

One of those 2016 dates is probably Doctor Strange, a movie they've been working on casting but there have not been any official announcements yet. Also, they've released a concept poster (from Entertainment Weekly) for Ant-Man:

Looks pretty decent, it's probably going to take a lot more to sell people on the movie though.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Extended Clip

On Dungy

A few thoughts on the "controversy" about Tony Dungy's comments on Michael Sam:

-There was no need for Dungy to clarify his comments, the only people who had any trouble understanding them were those looking for an excuse to criticize Dungy.

-Why were they so eager to attack Dungy? He's been outspoken about being a Christian.

-Dungy's comments were exactly the same comments I heard all over ESPN Radio before the draft.

-The sports media just loves to prove how socially conscious they are. It's kind of pathetic.

-If it's not okay to avoid a player because of a potential media circus then I guess all those people who hated on Tebow are going to admit they just hate Christians, right?

-Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports is a self-righteous jack@ss.