Sunday, December 22, 2013


The Lions finished their catastrophic collapse this evening by losing to the awful Giants in OT, which means they went from first in the division to out of the playoffs in less than a week. Awesome. Jim Schwartz ended the fourth quarter by running out the clock and then swearing at the fans when they booed his decision. Apparently he thought it would motivate his team, not that Schwartz has shown any indication that he knows how to motivate players to play the game. He has to be gone, right? Maybe not tomorrow morning, though that would be a nice Christmas present to fans, but after the season for sure. Even if they owe him $12 million, it's a move they have to make.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cold Weather Super Bowl

For those that think playing the Super Bowl at a cold weather site will be home field advantage for a team, I'm done hearing it. I love the idea. I actually thought they were doing this for Super Bowl 50 as something special, not SB 48. It would be easier to remember what SB used the first ever outdoor, cold weather location if it was SB 50. No one will remember some random number of 48, but they'll remember the game, no doubt.

Back to my beef, just because a "player" (and we all know they are referring to Peyton Manning) may not perform as well in cold weather conditions as another "player" (and we all know they are referring to Tom Brady) doesn't mean it's home field advantage for one player over another. It's called: you and your team do not play as well in cold weather conditions. Welcome to the NFL.

If they put the game indoors or at a warm site, technically you are favoring the Peyton Manning's and hurting the Tom Brady's. Is it an "advantage" for Tom Brady to play outdoor's in cold weather? No, he just plays better in those conditions than most quarterbacks. Just like another QB (Drew Brees) might play better indoors than Tom Brady.

Nobody has a problem with New Orleans playing the NFC Championship game at the Green Bay Packers for a chance at the Super Bowl, but it's terrible if the SB is held outdoors at a cold weather site because it might favor a team. I'm pretty sure playing in Miami favors Jacksonville more than Green Bay if those types of teams met up. After playing half your season in cold weather conditions, playing in Miami is NOT what you are used to. Therefore, advantage goes to a team from a warm location or indoor stadium.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Coffee is for Closers

The Lions are not drinking coffee today because they are certainly not closers. We knew that before the Monday night game but they went out and definitively proved it on national television. I could write a lot, but my favorite NFL analyst, Trent Dilfer, summed it up pretty well on SportsCenter:

You can't trust the Detroit Lions because of games like this. It was all there for them, and they threw up on themselves.

The consensus today is pretty clear: Megatron dropped too many balls, the Lions made some really dumb plays, Stafford makes too many bad decisions with the ball, and Schwartz needs to go because many of the issues can be traced back to him. What else is there to say?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Breaking News

Have any of you heard there is a new "Anchorman" movie coming out? I think it hits theaters this Friday (tomorrow).