Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sports Time Travel

There was a fascinating discussion on SVP & Russillo today about sports in different eras. The premise, thought up by Russillo, was imagining a modern person playing sports in a previous time period. Russillo used himself as an example. He's about 6' 1" and 230 lbs and wondered how he would fare in comparison to the players of the 1884 World Series Champion Providence Grays. Here's their roster. The tallest player on the roster was 5' 11" and the heaviest was 190 lbs. Russillo argued that he, being a decent athlete though not one that played any college or pro sports, would be able to hold his own. Van Pelt was skeptical. I'm inclined to agree with Russillo. They did agree that the people of 1884 would probably think the nearly 6' 7" Van Pelt was some kind of circus freak.

"No shield. No armor. No problem."

Marvel wants you to know Ant-Man is part of the MCU:

However, I think the Russian poster is cooler:

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Bandwagon Fans

I hope no one gets injured jumping off the Tigers bandwagon.

I do believe if something doesn't change soon, one of the coaches in the hitting department will be the first head to roll. Wally Joyner? I think Ausmus gets two full seasons and then it's Ron Gardenhire time.

To me, the pitching (starting and bullpen) have done enough or overachieved. It's the clutch hitting that has been absent. The hitting that matters with two outs and multiple runners on base. Too many double plays. Nick C. is the first one on my trading block. Nice defensive player, but not hitting like a 3rd baseman.